March 19, 2011

Oasis of the Seas - Parking - Climbing - Walking - Safety

Lots of action on the Oasis...

A whole outside deck is waiting for the walkers, runners, and curious folks.  You can check out the lower decks on the outside and get close to the roaring ocean waters.  You can check out the life boats.  You can find a seat in a corner and find solitude.  OR - you can exercise away all those calories! 
 The lifeboats aren't just small little row boats, they're pretty high tech.  Unlike the Titanic there are enough seats for everyone.  The question becomes would they only get filled half way or would an orderly procession occur and all would be saved.......  
Crown Bay Harbor. 
Built specifically for the Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas.

Parking a vessel this size requires.....practice?  skill?  or just some video gaming skills?  Look closely at the picture for more than the Captain's parking abilities along side the port in St. Thomas, VI.  You can notice the shadows of folks lined up to make sure the parking is going correctly.  You can notice the taxis lined up waiting for eager passengers to get downtown or to a beach.  You can notice the shops waiting for patrons to let go of their money.  It's the calm before the storm of 6,000 people.  

Do you have climbing skills? 
 The wall is vacated at this time because it's showtime at the Aqua Theater it is one of two walls.  You cannot be afraid of heights.  I do believe the crows nest is at the top.  You can volunteer to be on the lookout for icebergs or pirates or just the ocean blue!

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