March 20, 2011

Oasis of the Seas - Action

 For the little tykes there's a mini golf course with vibrant colors surrounding them.
 For those a tad bit older there's a 9 hole golf course just a little more challenging.
 Just hope the wind isn't deciding your fate on your putts.
 For the braver and wilder at heart you can try the flow rider.
 The ship had two flow riders for those brave enough to try their fate.
As always there's something for everyone.  If golfing or flowriding or running or walking
 aren't your forte' how about deciding which day of the week had the best
 "drink of the day"?  You can have yours plain (fruity) or kick it up a notch
 and have the floating bartender top off your glass with the "liquor of the day"!
 Coconut Rum anyone?

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