February 27, 2011

Ft. Lauderdale, FL Goodbye land!

 Yacht haven.  
 Wait for us!  It's 5:00 somewhere!  Time to leave the port and head to sea.  We weren't alone but once out in the deep blue sea we were nothing but a speck.
 Oh what a house>>>
Do I like the house or the pool better?  
Well they do come together so I suppose I'll have to take both!
 Wait!  Maybe I'll take house #2 instead.  Oh the decisions you can make when you're dreaming!  This one comes with it's own Flow Rider (to the right of the house).
 House #3.  Oh the decision process is getting harder.  Maybe I'll go back and choose a yacht instead...
Catching the waves at sunset.  What waves you may ask?  The ones created by the massive cruise ships!

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