November 4, 2009

Toland Tech

Toland Tech. Like every parent I want to keep my baby girl close to home as she grows older. Her Grandparents have found the perfect location for her higher education. It sits nestled in a small village of homes that belonged to a local quarry at one time in the middle of the mountains. It's just a few miles (as the crow flies -over the mountain) from our home. I believe it has limited courses but I'm happy to report they may have a sports team for her at the nearby lake.
Many elite colleges offer a crew team especially to girls. Well we found the lake we found the boat and we even found a yellow one to boot!! Now all we need is to purchase some really rad oars and she's ready.


  1. I have already made a down payment and she is going to be captain of the team. Think of all the job opportunites she will have when she is done. Maybe even mayor of the city or pink jeep tour master. Go go go sam grandma


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