November 30, 2009

Silo questing

The barn and silo I knew while growing up.... It's sad to see this ole barn and silo slowly melting away. As I was growing up it was well kept and my brother even earned a living keeping it painted. Alfred and Nancy Watson lived here and farmed the surrounding land. We had many adventures through the years on the farm. What fond memories. Calves being born, making butter from cream, milking cows, shoveling poop, eating from the garden, exploring fascinating antiques, the tractor burning. We were 'organic' way before it was the politically correct thing to be. "Oh, the good ole days."The typical well maintained barn and silos in the area today are usually owned by the Amish or Mennonite communities. I wonder sometimes if they know a secret that the rest of us have forgotten slow down and enjoy the moments and the land.
I'm still on my silo quest. I've seen many interesting silos but either didn't have my camera or I was not in a prime pull over spot along the road. I've seen old wooden silos, short and tall silos, blue silos, concrete silos, metal silos, and on and on. Maybe I'll get lucky and eventually get some shots inside a silo. There's an adventure waiting to happen!

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