November 16, 2009

SILO in the country

One Singular Sensation

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Here in South Central Pennsylvania you cannot help but see a silo when you're out and about. For some time I have driven my daughter nuts while driving around the countryside. We have to stop along the side of the road for a quick snap because I've seen a silo like I haven't seen before. She says 'WHY', I say 'because they are part of my landscape'. I've chosen a few to show today but now what do I do with all the other pics? I will ponder that.... If you see an unusual silo that's a must see let me know and until then I'll keep collecting pictures of those things we all see everyday and take for granite. The bottom left silo is a favorite and I actually played with it and have it over processed but I like the effect.
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  1. Really interesting shots and post for the day! You rarely see silos in my part of the world! Thanks for sharing1

    Have a great week!


  2. You never know if it's to store grain or launch a missile - just kidding. Beautiful photos of a beautiful state.

  3. I can imagine that an object sometimes catches you. Interesting pictures.

  4. Nice! I have never seen a collection of silos before . I am glad you showed yours.

  5. I love this! Your daughter will just have to get used to you and your camera! :D :D :D

  6. I like your silos, they are so differest to our clusters of concrete like Roman temples, but what I like best is the old barn.


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