November 3, 2009

Sights along my way

The French market, New Orleans, LA
Every time I've had the opportunity to go to the French market in New Olreans everyone is starting to pack up and start closing their wares. I still was able to find the unusual and bizarre. This is to be the oldest City market in the U.S. operating since 1791 in the same location. It has withstood hurricanes, floods, pirates, and modern day humans along the way. It reminds me of the market in Charleston, SC. Everyone is ready to do some bargaining. French Market.

These quaint homes catch your eye first with their color and then with their price tags. They sit in prime real estate location in the French quarter in New Orleans and for a cool $850,000 one of them could be yours.
The Pontalba buildings or apartments, NOLA.
The rumor is these are the first apratment buildings in the U.S. built by female entrepreneur, Baroness Pontalba in 1845 their walls could tell many interesting stories of the artists that occupy this area of the city. Another idential building graces the opposing street on the other side of Jackson square.

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