October 20, 2009

Mount Holly Springs, PA Library Tour

Today and tomorrow enjoy a tour of the Mount Holly Springs, PA Library or better known as The Amelia Given Library. For years I've enjoyed visiting the library and taking my children to the many programs provided. When you enter the library there's so many details that cannot be ignored. You think you've just entered a museum. The woodwork is so astounding in every room and makes you want to sit down with a good book for hours. The wood work is called moorish fretwork done by Moses Ransom from Cleveland, OH. The library was built in 1890 and the architect was James Steen from Pittsburgh, PA. If you get the opportunity it's worth a visit! Return tomorrow for more interesting pictures......... The Computer room.

The Computer Room fireplace.

Click on the picture to get a closer look of the wood details.

A winding stairway to the storage area.

Moorish fretwork done by Moses Ransom from Cleveland, OH

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  1. I'm a huge library fan, so needless to say, I love this post! And what a gorgeous library! Would love to visit this one for real! Your photos are marvelous!

    Have a great day!


  2. Great posting, I too am a friend of libraries. I worked at the Library of Congress for 38 years.

  3. It is a gorgeous library. I could spend hours there.

  4. I really enjoyed this post - instead of the usual outdoor photos on My World you have taken us into a most magnificent library. I am so pleased that the computers are housed amidst so much beauty and craft. Technology is great but tends to be ugly in my view. I love libraries and am so grateful for what they have meant me over the years. I work at university and the university library is one of my favourite places. I don't think e-books and techno will ever replace holding a book in one's hand and tunging the pages!

  5. wow. nice to see an indoor for a change. most of us contributed outdoor shots so this one is truly refreshing. great shots.

  6. I love libraries and I am really amazed at this beautiful libraries woodwork. It must be really nice to stay there, read and maybe, explore a bit:)

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