October 7, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday CORY!!!!!

Oh no where have the years gone..................!!!!!!

Cory at 3 years old. We never ever left home without a 1. ball (or many) 2. glove 3. bat........... Years later it's still the same. I've cherished every waking moment. I feel a little empty today not being able to be with Cory since he's away at college studying really hard today (hehe). At the same time I'm so very happy for him and praise God for every wonderful day that he has blessed me with Cory. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORY !!! and of course it wouldn't be a Breon birthday without --------CHA CHA CHA!

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  1. Great Job Holly I remember all those days too and how much fun we had playing ball. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORY you have given us all a lot of happy memories and hope lots more are in store. Have a good time but behave love you


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