October 16, 2009

Cleversburg United Methodist Church, Shippensburg, PA

My Church. God has blessed us through the years (150 ++). Sure we have our ups and downs and who doesn't but through it all God has been there. I've heard someone once say 'I'm not going to this or that church because it's full of sinners'. Well personally the whole world is full of sinners -- and God is the only one to help us. It's a little country church but it has a soft spot in my heart. If you don't have a church you are more than welcome to join us for Sunday School at 9:15 and Church at 10:30 every Sunday morning. If you live too far away find a church where you can feel God's love. Being part of a community is uplifting when you're out there in the world facing the highs and lows in all our lives. God Bless You!

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