March 7, 2009

Let the games begin!

Spent most of the last week in New Orleans seeing my son play baseball. That's right the season has begun and Spring is on it's way! It was great to be with my son and his friends and their parents. We've made some great friends in the bleachers and enjoy their company and hospitality towards my family. We spent most of our time in the bleachers but we also were able to enjoy the great food only New Orleans can offer along with the sights. I even acquired a few of those left over beads from Mardi Gras! It's going to be a tough year for my sons team but it's still exciting. Over 8 players from his team were drafted into some level of the MLB last year so we are left with a rebuilding year. We can't wait to get back there and get back into those bleachers and root for the Privateers!

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