March 22, 2009

Piano Festival '09

Spent all day yesterday at the 2009 Piano Festival held by the PMTA (Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association) at Messiah College. My daughter has attended this event for several years. The students practice and prepare for this months in advance. Everyone is judged individually as they would be if they were qualifing for a scholarship. We then can choose to attend a music class followed by a period of recital time. The day ends with a show for all. This year's show was a walk through the life of Johannes Brahms presented by Mr. Dennis Kobray. The show was very impressive and gathered my attention becasue of where these great artists got their start - Vienna, Austria! If you know me that's a dream to see and hear music in Vienna. Congratulation to my daughter for doing well in the festival this year and continue to love the piano. In another month she also has auditioned sucessfully to enter a Piano Extravaganza that is held every three years. Way to go!


  1. Congratulations! I hope and presume she will do very well

    PS And I loved that picture!

  2. Sam, Congratulations and keep up the good work. Uncle Kenny & Aunt Kathy


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