March 17, 2009

Dancing Queen

This past weekend we enjoyed a night out at the theater at our local middle school. They celebrated 30 years since it has opened with a musical production. The kids were spectacular!!! What talent! My daughter was in three dances with different styles but I beleieve her favorite was Dancing Queen. After seeing the movie Mama Mia 20 times this dance was a natural for her. The program was an hour and a half with one song after another with a few quick changes in between. There were instrumentalists, singing, dancing, and more smiles than one could count. Over one third of the students at the school were involved in some way and you could feel their pride. This show just may include a top billing name in our future! --I better go snag some autographs. Keep on dancing!


  1. 4 the love of ABBA... i will have the tune running thru my head all day now....

  2. Keep on dancing indeed!! Cute picture.


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