January 8, 2015

Elvis Presley ~ 80 years old today January 8, 2015

T C B !!

One of the biggest music icons.
What an eccentric life he lead.  From everything I've learned though, he
really was a giving person.

-I did it my way!

We travelled 14 hours straight to get to Memphis for a baseball game.
Because we sacrificed our time on the road it gave us the opportunity to visit Graceland.
By today's standards Elvis' home wouldn't measure up for a star of his magnitude, but 50+ 
years ago this was the pad everyone wanted to be at!

-In the Ghetto

A piano always grabs my attention but these rooms were filled with so much more.
I can see some of these styles sneaking back to today's culture.

-Suspicious Minds

Just a few awards to gaze at.
Do you ever wonder what award receivers do with their awards?
Build a space specifically for them?

-Only Fools Rush In

Elvis' pink cadillac out does any Mary Kay pink cadillac!
Does anyone know who Mary Kay is any longer?

-A Little Less Conversation

The Lisa Marie plane is now on the auction block.
Are you interested in putting in a bid?

-Blue Suede Shoes

Viva Las Vegas
The Eagle has landed!

-Amazing Grace

So what is your favorite Elvis song?

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