April 3, 2014

Fort McClary at Kittery Point, Maine

Since1689 a fort of some sort has stood at this site protecting the Maine coast.

The hexagonal blockhouse replace other building in 1844.
Can you imagine living here keeping any eye on the harbor day in and day out?

This was the rifleman's house where most of the ammunition was stored.

Ready for battle

Looking through the lookout slats from inside you can see Constitution Light
in the distance.

Inside the hexagonal blockhouse.
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  1. Nice captures especially the first one and in the lookout. Looks like an interesting place to visit.

  2. i love visiting places like this! wonderful photos!

  3. I love the history! Very cool photos.

  4. I like the view from the inside. Not quite what I had imagined when I saw your first photo.

  5. This looks like an amazing place to visit. Wonderful pictures!


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