June 29, 2012

Longwood Gardens

 Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA

A couple of months ago I was blessed to have lived on this Earth for 50 years.
I should have fretted and done something outlandish but I was content to spend the day with my parents who gave me that opportunity to be here for 50 years!  My parents and my daughter and I ventured out to spend the day checking out the thousands of varieties of flowers at Longwood Gardens.  Maybe when I'm 60 I'll plan that 'big' trip or do something insane!   
Pictured here near the entrance is the green with envy hallway.
The doors?
They are bathrooms!  
It felt like you were in Alice in Wonderland and each door was going to bring a new adventure.
Oh well just have clean, flushable bathrooms sufficed for the day!

 Everything in the greenhouses radiated.
It felt like someone already came through and saturated the flowers with some high contrast.
I found these adorable little bells hanging around waiting to be rung.

The title?
Of course it's --- "Birds of a feather - flock together"
These flowers seemed to be literally flying above keeping watch over us. 

Can it be this real?
Can it be this vivid?
You bet!
I'm glad I snapped away with my camera because while looking at them later we are able to see things we missed while trying to take all the scenery in at once.
The enormous hanging baskets in the top center are dwarfed with every other flower hovering around.

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