January 30, 2011

The Churchtown Barn

On a snowy Winter day...
Can you find 'The Churchtown Barn" on a website?  Not that I know!  Daily I pass by this barn to and from work.   There once stood an old and decrepit barn but over the period of many months it was torn down and replaced.  At first I along with others contemplated that someone was going to make a home out of the structure but as construction progressed it developed into another barn.  I haven't seen any livestock yet and I haven't noticed that is was being used for hay storage.  Just what is in store for this barn?  The landscape around the barn is becoming an item of interest in itself.  I do hope that something grand is planned!  I may never know all the answers but as I pass by it has been fun contemplating and scheming in my own mind.  It makes the drive to and from work just a little more interesting.  

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