January 5, 2011


Here's a story of a lovely work family.

Waaayyyy back in 1996 the four of us were thrown together into a project referred to as MFCS (Material Financial Control System).  There were several branches of the project and our little part was called PX02/04 or 'PX' for short.  Marge and Bill came from Philadelphia and Susan and I came from Mechanicsburg in Pennsylvania.  We started out shy and business like until we were flown off to Boston, MA every week Monday thru Friday for the next several months.  We worked with a contractor to develop, code, test, recode, redevelop, retest and finally implement a major accounting system.  There were laughs and tears and pain and success.   We became like family and relied on one another while being away from our own families back in PA.  We worked some very long days and got to know one another more than we wanted...  Yes we worked hard and pulled our hair out at times but we did get to experience Boston in some unique ways.  We were regulars on the 'T' (subway), got to shop at Fielene's bargain basement, sat out next to the Green Wall in Fenway Park, strolled down Newberry St, had some drinks at Cheers (where everyone did NOT know our names), explored Fenuiel Hall,  climbed the Hancock building (during 70 mph winds), snuck inside the Trinity Church and ate our way through every major neighborhood.  We enjoyed time in Cambridge and stayed near MIT and Harvard and once over by Boston College.  Needless to say none of the knowledge from these esteemed places rubbed off on us.  All of these events occurred after work so we didn't get to experience daytime in Boston.  Our first weeks were filled with three fire alarms in the middle of the night at the hotel.  The major concern then was 'what do I wear during a fire with people I hardly know'!!  Thankfully there wasn't a real fire and after seeing each other with our hair matted to our heads we quickly learned to get along and survive together.  There were several others with us but we were the representatives from the organization that had to 'use' this system.  We've become lasting friends and still rely on one another with our work related duties.  It's been a blessing and God knew what he was doing when we were brought together.   Being away from home so often was hard and we cried on each other shoulders and turned around and had some of the best laughs.  The years have been filled with good memories.  We don't get to see each other much but we know we're all just a phone call away when a problem arrises.  Recently we were lucky to be together all at once for a retirement party and took a few shots in the office.  For us humor has been the backbone of our times together.  Thanks for the memories and here's to many more happy blessed years!!!! 

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