January 29, 2011

The Barn is the STAR

Out and about today on the way to pick up my husband at the airpot, I couldn't help making a detour to see the 'Star' along the highway....   It appears that this was manipulated into a black and white - but - check out the billboard in the left corner.  It was snowing and the sky didn't have a trace of color.  It was just a black and white kind of day.  Anybody wanting to document the sights of Central Pennsylvania have found themselves in the driveway of the Dayspring church getting a few shots of this famous barn. There has been numerous shots from every angle.  Today I chose to capture the out buildings in addition to the barn itself.  All the buildings are in various stages of deterioration.  The 'fix-up' of the barn brings many different opinions depending on how close you live to this gem.  Anybody willing to donate towards the owners plight to restore this to it's original glory?  

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  1. What an amazing picture! I'm so glad I stumble upon this. It made my day. Thanks for posting it!


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