December 13, 2009

On the road again? Post 2

Can I get my mojo back? Will my new owner shine me up? Ouch my roof is now missing!!! I'm thinking a lot more than a spit and shine is needed to get this ole truck road worthy. I was hoping that the restoration would take years but knowing my husband we'll be lucky with months. It does have a certain character all it's own. The engine starts with the turn of the key but most everything else is lacking. One of my favorite sayings is ..... If you give a pig a pancake from a great kids book. (look it up - read it- to find out what I mean) Well my husband just got his pancake and now the syrup is on the way along with a bubble bath and a soft towel...... What I mean is one thing leads to another.... A new saw to remove the roof, a sand blaster, an upgrade to the welding equipment, a bigger air compressor..... I love it when someone finds a passion!

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