December 6, 2009

1962 Willy Post 1

We are officially a Willy owner. After years of admiring the Jeep Willy's and the Willy truck my husband has tracked one down. He spent considerable time searching the web making phone calls and educating himself. We've owned a jeep for many years and have enjoyed going to 'camp jeep' and having fun as a family on trails. I've blogged about how my daughter has admired a Willy several times. I do believe she was born in the wrong decade. She should've been a 1960's girl. Anyway the adventure has begun for my husband to turn this 1962 Willy's truck into a road worthy vehicle. We travelled to the Berkshires in Massachusetts into the small village of Blandsford to bring the truck home. Thankfully without too much fuss we arrived home safely during our first snowfall of the season. Because of the snow we cut our trip short so I need to go back through the Catskills and Berkshires because it's a photographers paradise. My husband just completed a 1998 Jeep Loredo and I think he was afraid of being bored! I'm proud of all his hard work. I'm sure it may be quite some time before this all comes together because of course the holidays are arriving and directly behind that brings baseball and softball and the world of golf. It'll occupy his time for a few years but stay tuned for updates! (The biggest decision of all will be --what color to make it!!) ........................Goodnight John-Boy!

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  1. OMG!

    What a beautiful boy!

    Enjoy this jewerly and please let us know how you feel.

    Best regards from Canada.


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