December 7, 2009

Tannery Bridge near Otis, Mass and Farmington River

On our small adventure weekend I only acquired two decent pictures. I knew before I opted to tag along that it would be a fast and furious trip so I can't even complain that I couldn't get good shots going 70 mph! One of my favorite things is to investigate maps. Find new ways to get there from here to over there again. Of course that does not aleviate the fact that many U-turns will occur. My goal isn't to alway find the shortest or fastest route but rather to discover everything within a 25 mile radius of the intended route. In doing this I've come to realize this world has so much to discover that I don't think I'll ever be finished! Even if our treks consist of major roads to deliver our new (very old) truck safely in tow we did take a wrong turn and got to discover the beautiful mountains in Western Massachusetts! ( or was it a wrong turn.....) That wrong turn gave me the two shots of my weekend. This unique covered bridge spanning the Farmington River near Otis, MA and the Farmington River (western branch) itself. I confess the river scene has been tangeled with in my computer. Besides the edging I made the picture sepia and kept only the color of the river natural. The blue of the river was spectacular as it rapidly swept by the bland forest. I really was wishing that I could experience the colors of this forest two months ago but then I would have missed just how blue and clean and sparkling the river really is. Kinda makes you a little thirsty! ---------------Check out some other really great shots from around the world at


  1. Marvelous captures! Love the water!

    Have a great week!


  2. That a beautiful shots at 112.6km/hr.

  3. You got some nice shots from your trip. I love the covered bridge and the river looks pretty.


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