August 18, 2009

Shippensburg, PA and Vacation Bible School

Vigilant Hose Company #52

West End Fire and Rescue Company #15

AWESOME!!! So many thanks to the volunteer fire fighters of Shippensburg, PA. We had both departments come to our vacation bible school at Cleversburg U.M. Church. The guys showed the kids the workings of a fire truck and I can say everyone really enjoyed it. It was something new this year and what a hit it was. What a comfort it is for the folks of Shippensburg to have two great companies at either end of town working together. What I thought was particularly great was I found the three young men below who have attended bible school at our church not so long ago. It's truly remarkable to see that they've grown into really great guys and volunteer for their community. Keep up the great work guys you are truly blessed. If you see a firefighter thank them for all they do and also say a prayer for their continued safety because you never know if you may be the next one that they will be saving. God's grace to you fire fighters!

Tyler and Zac


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  1. Thanks Holly for recognizing these guys, especially the kids in our family, they give hours of training to volunteer. Aunt Kathy


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