July 6, 2009

Hot times in Texas

We spent five great HOT HOT HOT days in McKinney, Texas. The temperatures reached 108 degrees on one of the days. I think I'm still sweating! All in all we had a great time. Got to spend time with my son and watch him and his team the McKinney Marshalls play some ball. Thank heavens the games didn't start till the evening when it was nicer to be outside.
These little guys were racing aroung the bases between innings. We rooted for #40 and he won!! There was a little boys birthday party this evening and were they ever acting like little boys! It brought back a lot of memories.

My little (now a big 6'5'') boy pitched while we were there. Yeah. As a pitcher you never can predict when you'll be in or out. --Any given day! My daughter loved this picture because of the corn field out in right field. Remember the saying...Build it and they will come....

I never can tell if his pitches are going to be a fast ball, curve ball, or his famous slider. The one thing I do know is I wouldn't stand in there to bat it or catch it at 90+ m.p.h.

A big thanks goes out to the host families who take these boys into their homes over the Summer. Thankfully he is with a great couple who also love baseball and were orginally from our home state of Pennsylvania. I feel blessed that he landed in the right place. I know at 20 years old that I wouldn't have been brave enough to go on my own so far from home with strangers. McKinney was a beautiful town. It is growing rapidly but I hope it keeps it's charm. A fellow blogger from McKinney has also blogged about the McKinney Marshalls. Check out his blog at http://mckinneydailyphoto.blogspot.com/ I've followed his blog since I learned this is where my son was headed over the Summer. Low and behold we both were at the same game and didn't realize it. He captured a great shot of my son and he even got a snapshot of my daughter and I in the crowd. Somehow my husband escaped the picture. I looked around at photographers at the game thinking maybe...but somehow must have been engrossed in the game and never realized he was there till I got back home. Thanks to him for blogging on the Marshalls!! I do believe in the song It's a Small World After all!!!!

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