July 21, 2009

Things I like...

Fashion. That's all I really have to say about these creek beauties!
I lack a green thumb. BUT -- there's hope for me! I've been intrigued by this bush called a Beautyberry. I've blogged about it previously --http://hymyers.blogspot.com/2008/10/country-walk.html
The good news is I now have my very own Beautyberry pictured above but best of all I offically have purple berries!! I've searched the world over attempting to find this bush at local nurseries but to no avail. I went back to the original bush I spotted last Fall and snatched a couple branches and was successful in rooting them in a glass of water. After a replant into my yard they've begun to flourish! Okay yes I'm excited over a plant. I think my thumb just may have a little green after all. --You should see my topsy turvy upside down tomato plant dripping with over 50 tomotoes so far!!! What a life!

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