July 15, 2009

Waxed Blessing

It's a balmy 104 degrees. You're on vacation in the deep South. You want to see some sights. You'd like to find a cool mall. You want a nice cold drink. Your husband gets the idea to wax your son's truck because it's never been waxed and the sun might fade it if you don't take care of it...... Head to where else but Wallyworld...aka Walmart and buy some wax and tire cleaner and rags. Head back and wash the truck and start the elbow grease of waxing. Myself, my husband, my son, and my daughter dig in. At least we could pull the truck into a garage and be in the shade for the waxing part. WHAT???? This is vacation and don't forget the balmy 104 degrees!!! Okay stop take a breath realize hey my family is altogether for the first time in months and accomplishing something 'together' and spending precious time 'together'. This is a blessing and it was temporarily disguised as a chore. Thank heavens it was one time I realized in the moment that blessings come in all sorts of ways. I actually enjoyed being together in that garage and talking and complaining and just plain spending time together. See if you can find disguised blessings in your day! Isn't the truck shiny!!! (I wonder if it 'still' is...)

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