May 12, 2009

Piano Extravaganza 2009!

The Capital Area Chapter of Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association presented it's Piano Extravaganza 2009 on May 9, 2009 at The Forum Auditorium in Harrisburg, PA. This event is held every three years and takes months of planning. A student is selected by their piano teachers once they have achieved a certain level of learning. The music is then selected and practiced. An audition is held months in advance with close scrutiny. If they are selected then more practice takes place until the last month where several get together practices are held as the students learn to follow a conductor and play with 31 other students at the same time. Eight sets of 32 players are then brought together on the stage to play a wide range of musice for a night of artistic flair. My daughters set played Music! Music! Music, Russian Waltz, Heart and Soul and Square Dance USA!. The most obaintable set is the last set playing Stars and Stripes Forever. What a great song to end a terrific evening. Way to go Samantha keep on practicing!


  1. Way to go , Samantha, keep practicing. Uncle Kenny & Aunt Kathy

  2. Sam I so love these events keep up the good work and hope to be around for the next recital at the forum You do a great job. grandma


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