May 18, 2009

Pennsylvania State Capitol - Harrisburg, PA

I had several hours to dally away recently while in downtown Harrisburg, PA. The state capitol building was beside where I was waiting for my daughter so I made the most of a beautiful day. Our state capitol is a beutiful ornate building that dominates the skyline from a distance. It was built in 1906. The dome alone has so many facets to look at that is goes unnoticed most of the time. The street view is from the front steps of the capitol looking toward the Susquehanna river. It reminds me of Mayberry! The intricate details in many of these old buildings amaze me that an artist took the time many many years ago to put their legacy down. Thankfully many generations till now and yet to come can enjoy their works.

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  1. a good tuesday to you.
    beautiful shots of the capitol building. so like the shot looking toward the river.
    have a good week.

  2. Pennsylvania is one of the prettiest states. Love that building -p great shots.

  3. Love the post and the pictures.

  4. That is so cool love the pics.... U got a pic of my church... St Patrick's cathedral ... It’s the one to the right with the 2 domes on the top... You should have gone and taken the tour... Lots of history there 2... click the cybertour...

  5. Love the street shot overlooking the river. Never been to Pennsylvania and now I have an idea. :-) Would love to visit it someday.

  6. Beautiful photos and beautiful building. I love the street photo, it looks so peaceful. Have a nice day..


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