August 7, 2017

Arches Rock ~ Mackinac Island, MI

It was difficult to get a picture of this fabulous view.
There were lots of visitors checking this spot out.
Arches Rock on Mackinac Island in the middle of Lake Huron 
can leave you breathless.
With the rock between the sky and the lake you can hardly tell the 
difference where one starts or ends.

Looking up the coast of Mackinac Island gave you the feeling
that you were in the mountains in the Caribbean some where.

These beautiful bluets were so vibrant!
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  1. How beautiful. Tis the first time I've heard of this. Thanks.

  2. I love your image of the Arch. I totally understand why there was a lot of people trying to do the same thing :) It is gorgeous and you had a great light too.

  3. What a beautiful place


  4. Love that arch! The island looks so beautiful. Want to visit one day. #OurWorldTuesday


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