August 9, 2015

Amphibious Assault Craft Unit 4

Landing Craft Air Cushion
With the work 'cushion' in this piece of equipments name you'd think it was soft and fluffy.
Think again!
Built for action upon the waves to transport the Navy's needs!

Touring this LCAC was interesting in every aspect!

Respect once again goes out to our military!

The on and off gate is lowered.

No plush leather heated seats for our Navy's finest!

It may all look nice and smooth but there's a place for everything to maintain safety
and to get the job done!
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  1. An interesting hovercraft. Not seen anything like that.

  2. Interesting. It makes me feel sad that this looks so high tech yet they are really instruments of war. Ouch.

  3. How interesting! I'll have to show my son-in-law who is retired Navy


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