August 4, 2015

USS George H.W. Bush CVN-77

Arriving at the pier and seeing the size of USS George H.W. Bush was elating.
I've been on a decommissioned carrier, but always wanted to experience the live
action on a current carrier.  A wish come true I got to see, touch, smell, and even taste
on this mega ship.  Of course it would've been more awesome to experience the ship
when at sea or even with it full of aviation up on deck, but I'll take what I can get!
Age has been creeping up on me because I can recall when this ship was just a dream
but then became a reality and was commissioned in 2009.

The ship was getting lots of TLC while in at the dock, so everyone was busy.
Our tour was open to most every nook and cranny, and our guide didn't disappoint!
We got to see engines, computers, the flight deck, sleeping quarters, eat lunch in the
galley, risk going up and down the steps (ladders), laundry area, elevators for jets,
and so much more.  
Was I excited?  You bet!

The meeting place for the ship is quite often "at George".
A young George H.W. Bush stands on the main deck to over see all the operations.

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