February 22, 2011

Bay Street - Nassau, Bahamas

 Parliament Square
  Several of these old buildings were destroyed by a massive fire the day after this picture was taken.  Most will be torn down.  Click   'HERE'  to read the article.  Yes they were very old buildings but their history was very colorful (and not the hue!)  and no doubt filled with pirate stories and all....  
I had very little time to enjoy Nassau.  Our cruise ship arrived at 8:00 a.m. and we had to be back on board by 1:30 p.m. at the very latest.  We had to get back to the port even earlier due to the very long lines going through security.  We opted not to scurry off to a beach but to enjoy Bay Street and do a little shopping.  Of course I had a 'snappin' time!  Now that I'm home I keep thinking of the shots that were missed.  There were several places I know we didn't get to because of other circumstances which means one thing......I need to go back.  I was glad that I got a the second shot in today's post after reading about the fire the following day.  Of course it sounds like some conspiracy could be involved.  Pirates maybe?

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