August 12, 2008

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Golf course wins best-in-Army award

Terry Myers (right), manager, and Dave Mallein,
assistant manager, look over the golf course
while discusing the James A. Carroll award the Carlisle Barracks Golf Course won.
Photo by Tori Hennigan.

Aug. 1, 2008 -- The Carlisle Barracks Golf Course has won another impressive award, but this one has nothing to do with manicured lawns or state-of the-art facilities.

Terry Myers, golf course manager, has earned the James A. Carroll Award for the best golf course in the Army for 2007.

"Terry did outstanding in FY07, he strives very hard to ensure that his golf course is always at its prime. I will say that throughout my 25 plus years of seeing golf courses and golf course managers I find that Mr. Myers is among the elite and was totally well deserving of this Carroll Award," said Barbara George, director of Morale, Welfare, and Recreation.

Several awards are handed out for different categories including golf courses, bowling alleys, and food beverage and entertainment facilities. Myers won the award for the small installation category of $500,000 to $1,000,000 for Excellence in Management. The award was established in honor of James Carroll Jr., a leader in the Army's hospitality field in 1976, the year after Carroll passed away.

George submitted the 20 page packet for the FY07 season.

"You have to address many issues, what have they done to help improve their facilities, how did they interact with the rest of the installation, and it's an extensive packet," said George.

Myers credits his winning the award to his employees and says that they do a good job and he wants to find a way to show his appreciation.

"I think it would have been better if it was given to the facility rather than the manager. It's nice to get the award, it's my whole staff that makes it fly, and we'll do something here to make sure they share in some of it to," said Myers.

Myers also said he thinks several projects the golf course has done recently has helped to win the award.

"I think a lot of it was that we did some projects along the way, and we completed a $2,000,000 maintenance facility, so I think they're looking at places that are growing," said Myers.

Because Myers won the award for 2007, he cannot be entered to win it again for 2008, but George is already planning and working on the packet for FY09.

Lt. Col. Sergio Dickerson, Garrison Commander, presented Myers with his award July 15th. Myers will go to Louisville, KY, for an awards banquet August 27.

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