June 27, 2016

Hilltop House Hotel, Harpers Ferry, WV

Abandoned but beautiful!
The Hilltop House Hotel is controversial as to weather it will be rebuilt or not.
Some believe it's haunted.   Do you see something at the turret window?
Check out the views below!

The Potomac River flows below.  Open the windows and have a peaceful sleep!

High on a hill sets the lonely.....Hilltop House!

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  1. I like first picture,the abandoned house,for some unknown reason.

  2. Beautiful location for the hotel.

  3. The location is superb, they should rebuild.

  4. What a pity it has been left to deteriorate.

  5. Oh do hope this beautiful place might be restored ~ wonderful photos!

    Happy Day, Week and Happy 4th of July to the USA ~ ^_^

  6. I agree, that is still a beautiful structure. The river looks high and strong.


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