February 19, 2016

Rockland Lighthouse, Rockland, ME

The lighthouse was a long way off.
4,300 feet!
If you can remember from your school days 5,280 feet is a mile.
Soo, do I make the trek almost a mile out across the water on some not so smooth rocks?
You bet!

Almost there~!
It was a perfect day to hike out to the lighthouse.
Not many people were around and you got that peaceful easy feeling!

I made it!
The benches sitting at the base is a perfect place to escape time.
You could spend hours contemplating!
...but as always it was time to head back to find the next Maine adventure.

A view from the other side of the lighthouse.
It's hard to get a great shot of the lighthouse unless you get out onto the water or
drive around to the other side of the harbor.
It's still worth every step!

The long way back.
No shortcuts exist!
All my friends were waiting for me to come back to shore.
Too many wide crevices existed for these paws and it was too cold
to go for a dip in the harbor to get them out!

Check out http://www.rocklandharborlights.org for more history on the lighthouse and 
some really great pictures in all the seasons.

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  1. pretty lighthouse but wow a long walk to get there.


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