February 23, 2016

Booth Bay Color Show, Booth Bay Harbor, Maine

We only had about an hour in Booth Bay before total darkness surrounded us.
The colors of nature constantly sketched a new mural every few moments.
The colors along the shore also provided ample color to be noticed!

Need tugged into a bite?

Just as we were trekking to our vehicle before darkness took over the sky
provided one more spectacular dose of awwww!
You actually felt like the color was hugging you!

The clouds only added to the color show.

The Golden Hour.  
God was touching everything with just a hint of gold.

This view made  you feel that all is okay in the world today.

What's going on in the world today?


  1. Wow - gorgeous shots indeed!

  2. Holly, so happy to have you stop by TravelnWrite because it led me back to your blog. I loved the shot that is captioned about feeling all is right in the world today. With so much going on 'out there everywhere' it is so nice to see a scene (and be lucky enough to capture it) that reminds you there is a lot still right with the world. I am hoping you are on Google Friend so I can follow you and hope you'll do the same - best, Jackie

  3. Gorgeous. All those buoys made me smile.

  4. Beautiful photos, especially the last one!


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