July 19, 2015

Centralia, Pennsylvania ~ The Beings of the Street

Not much is left of Centralia, Pennsylvania.
This old highway is the most it has to offer.
Many visit and bring their graffiti talents.

For many years the old coal fires have been burning and nature is slowly 
taking back its claim.

This guy landed on the highway but he seems pretty flat to me.

Mr Duck head seemed a little cracked.

Pokemon seems to have disappeared but lo and behold he found a new home!

Aliens seem to find Centralia home.

Meet Bob.  I believe he may be a king penguin (the crown gave it away).

Buzz the Bee was one happy insect!

Cattin around...

What does the Fox say?
He seems to think he's someone's next nightmare!

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  1. What happened in Centralia that caused it to be abandoned?

    1. An old coal line caught on fire and the coal deposits have been slowly burning for years. The town once had a population around 1200 and now is down to approximately only 7 people.


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