October 27, 2014

New York City Subway ~ 110th Anniversary

Today Oct 27, 2014 is the 110th anniversary of the NYC subway system.
Today the subway has 5.8 million riders daily.
What a ride it has been!

The artwork around the city can be hidden with beams or dirt but underneath 
the city has a little bit of art history!

Who can't resist a stop at Canal St.?
You can find fake anything here!

I always wonder who uses the elevators.
Being I'm not fond of tight places and claustrophobia is scattered at
my edges I'd have a hard time using this elevator. (and then the smell!)
Gratefully I'm blessed at this point in my life to not be disabled
and need to ride it but if I would need it then I'd rethink my thoughts...

Here's lookin at you kid!

Subway tiles!  
A kitchen or bathroom trend.

It's rare to get a shot like this.
No people!
Ride the subway at midnight and you may be lucky to witness this!

A little subway artwork.

What else is happening in the world today?

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