September 22, 2014

Halifax Waterfront, Nova Scotia

Theodore Too!
Our allotted time for Halifax was rainy and dreary but we did get a quick glimpse
of the waterfront and all it has to offer.  
Hopefully we'll return to enjoy it all on a sunny day!

Theodore Too cannot be missed along side the dock or out in the middle of the harbor
of Halifax.

Along the Halifax Waterfront you can find all the usual tourist foods
along with many opportunities to get out on the water.

The Sailor Statue
Dedicated to Valiant young Canadian sailors who served in War and Peace times.

What else is going on around the world?


  1. Theodore Too is a cute tugboat! I really like the sailor statue.

  2. Love the tugboat! Great shots of Halifax for OWT ~ Wonderful!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Eine lustige " Kraftmaschine ", dieser Schlepper und ein mutiger Seemann !
    Schöne Woche wünscht,

  4. I just love that tugboat.. And the statue is cool! Thanks for sharing your visit, have a happy new week!

  5. What a fun tugboat! Love your series.

  6. Theodore too! is a rescue or tugboat or what? He certainly is rather fetching.


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