September 26, 2014

Halifax, Nova Scotia ~ Curious sights

The afternoon we were allotted to spend in Halifax was rainy and drizzly and bluh 
as far as the weather was concerned.  
The next morning as we were heading out of town just after breakfast the clouds were
breaking up and the sun was on its way out to shine.
I got the opportunity to snap this surreal shot displaying Halifax 
with its terrific mixture of great old buildings and state of the art new buildings.

The Halifax wave also doubled as an umbrealla.

A memorial to a Portuguese explorer named Joao Alvares Fagundes.
He landed in Halifax in 1520.

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  1. I visited Halifax for two days when on a cruise form NYC to Canada. It was a lovely city--I think the best lobster I ever ate was served there. Their was an interesting cemetery with Titanic victims, and the wonderful indoor market with many booths and crafts.

  2. Interesting Photos....Good one...:)


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