July 21, 2014

Halifax, Nova Scotia ~ The Old Town Clock

The Old Town Clock
Halifax, Nova Scotia
It seems at one time there were punctuality problems and the clock was built!

From further up the hill behind the clock you can view the harbor. 
Back in 1803 when the clock was built I'm willing to be that all the ships entering
and leaving the Halifax harbor set their clocks and watches to Halifax time.
Now the clock is hidden from the harbor by taller buildings.

Further on up the hill from the clock you can get a better view of the harbor.
Of course you always know what country you presently are in!
O Canada!
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  1. I've always loved that clock - but the buildings obscuring the view are a travesty!

  2. It is a beautiful clock tower! I think it resembles a lighthouse. Sad to think it is being obscured by the high rise buildings, but thta is hard to prevent these days.

  3. Wonderful shots of your world ~ love the buildings ~ thank, ^_^

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)


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