July 25, 2014

Halifax, Nova Scotia ~ The Citadel on the hill

Also known as Fort George, The Citadel has been a place of defense for Halifax and
Nova Scotia for many many years.  Inside the the fort it was like being in your
own fortified city with the everyday events of life.

The British are coming!  The British are coming?
Or should I say the Nova Scotians are coming?
Either way the reenactors did a superb job in showing us the life many lived inside the fort.
Their uniforms were so colorful and detailed.
Someone worked many hours to make their uniforms just right!

Of course there was a sewing room to make, mend, and clean all the uniforms of 
the men and boys.

In order succeed the sewing machine aided in speeding up the process of keeping 
uniforms in top shape.
The uniforms remain in top shape and are ready for wear!

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