June 12, 2014

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

One of the top places on my list to visit was Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.
Some of the descriptions the town's website uses to describe itself include:
-A UNESCO World Heritage Site,
-Winner of the Communities in Bloom
 -Most beautiful small town in Canada
-Prettiest Painted Places in Canada
 -Port City of the Year
-World Class fishing
-World Class Ship Building
Not one of the descriptions failed my visit.
The only failure was there wasn't more time allotted to sit longer on the benches above.

I was disappointed in only one thing but everything else made up for it.
The Bluenose II was not on display while we were visiting.
The Bluenose is near and dear to Nova Scotia, and is described as their Sailing Ambassador.
Read more about it on the link below and look for it the next time you get a 
Canadian dime as change.

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