June 1, 2014

Hall's Harbor, Nova Scotia ~~ The Ocean floor

What the heck?
Where's the water?
The boats are in their slots ready to go....!
At Halls Harbor in Nova Scotia the tides come in and the tides go out.
The tides are the highest tides in the world so with that being said, one would
expect peculiar sites along the way.  All along the Bay of Fundy you get to
witness things that can't be witnessed anywhere else in the world!

When tying up your boat an odd approach is taken.
Be sure to shimmy up beside a ladder and tie your rope very far from your boat.
When the tide decides to come back in this will keep your boat secure.

It was extremely foggy the morning we got to Halls Harbor.
The Bay of Fundy is seen between the dock walls.
Eventually the tide will be back into this harbor and all the boats will rise
 nicely beside the docks.  
Obviously we were here at low tide!
Of course the need to return here is high in order to see high tide.

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  1. I love to go to the ocean at low tide, but we don't often see boats stranded! Great post.

  2. How funny to see the boats this way. Nice photos.

  3. Great tour!! Boom, Bobbi and Gary.

  4. I think is so interesting how some places have such a dramatic difference in tide especially when boats are involved. I would think tying down the lines has to be learned since you tie up at high but you need enough line for when the water goes out and the boat drops 5-6 feet to the sand.


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