November 23, 2013

Fall 2013 -- Came and Went

Now that all the color has gone but Winter isn't officially here, 
I thought it was a good time (better late than never) to 
post the good days of Fall 2013~

The 'pop' of red adds character all around!

My subject was to be the random round bales of hay, but the 
John Deere couldn't be missed.
Maybe the sky was really the subject....

Fall (or Winter, or Summer, or Spring) is never missed at King's Gap!
with is being so close to home, I make random trips up the mountain 
just to experience the solitude and beauty.
The water tower is my all-time favorite!
On this day, the frogs in the pond were silenced. 
See you next Summer!

Character and Charm

The Oak Leaf Hydrangea has become my new favorite plant!

Cumberland Valley, Pennsylvania
Home Sweet Home!

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