November 5, 2013

Bar Harbor, Maine

The Fountain is a great meeting spot.
Make a wish and throw in some change.
My parent's story of this fountain when they visited Bar Harbor goes like this:
When is a store across the street my Dad noticed someone retrieving 
change from the fountain.  Would that be de-wishing?
He asked the store owner if that was normal
The store owner immediately was angry and ran from the store across the 
street to the fountain while saying to my parents watch my store till I get back!
-Good thing the de-wisher wasn't in her store at that time!

Downtown Bar Harbor wasn't extremely busy when we were visiting (yeah), but
I'm sure in the middle of Summer parking and walking are hot topics!

Wind and Spirit
The quintessential fishing boat and its reflection.

The Tiger Shark
Is that the kind of fish they catch?

American Cruise Lines
American Glory
With only 27 state rooms to choose from it provides a cozy cruise for all.

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