October 9, 2013

Boothbay Footbridge Views

In one of the inner most inlets of Boothbay kayakers can be found
paddling through the calm waters in a picture perfect setting.
This was taken from the Boothbay footbridge.

The view from the other side of the Boothbay footbridge looks out into the inlet 
of Boothbay towards the ocean.  Hardly a spot can be found where a sea going 
vessel isn't crossing.

In the middle of the footbridge you find the Footbridge House.
Quaint comes to mind except for the busy foot traffic.
Since 1902 this Bungalow as it's described on the recent real estate listing
has housed businesses and private dwellings.
For $795,000.00 you too can enjoy the insanely beautiful views
that Boothbay provides.

To go along with the Bungalow - a little wooden dingy
can be purchased for $30,000.00
Do I see a business adventure for rides in the bay?

The Bungalow and its backyard and dingy can be see in all
it's glory from this vantage point.  
This backyard requires no mowing!

The footbridge is exactly what it says it is!
Don't stand still for long to look a the sensational views without 
putting on your flashers!

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