October 18, 2013

Bar Harbor, Maine

As we left Booth Bay our goal was Bar Harbor by mid afternoon.
We were behind schedule but aren't they the best vacations when we 
are thrown off track?
We could've spent a week at almost each town or village along the way.
Rockland, Rockport and Camden all are on the list to make a return!
On to Bar Harbor:

We arrived just prior to sunset.
We checked into our hotel and because the surroundings were 
spectacular we took a quick stroll through the grounds.
I could've sat on a bench looking over Frenchman Bay for hours, but 
there was too much to see!

Our hotel had it's own lobster pound.
It smelled delicious and it was quite interesting but
we still needed to make it to downtown Bar Harbor before the sun set.

A quick jaunt out onto the dock you look back to this quaint
structure.  It was everything I dreamed a Maine coastal home would be!

At the end of the dock we found some lobster pot seats.  
How original?
Comfort didn't come to mind but someone definitely has a creative mind.

At the very end of the dock beyond a gate that kept us at bay this little gem sat.
I couldn't find out much information except it's name - Lady Jane.
All the creature comforts of home!

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