February 3, 2013

Super Bowl in New Orleans

Slowly crossing The Causeway Bridge for 26 miles NOLA appears in the distance.
The Super Dome graces one side of the city and the Crescent City Bridge
graces the other side.

The city is alive with the party atmosphere with the biggest stage today as 
the NFL gets ready for the Super Bowl.
Right at the next corner the celebration of Mardi Gras is prevalent.

The St. Louis Cathedral is one of many places in the city where the hustle 
and bustle is non-stop.

On this day a storm was brewing as we were dashing to the car for cover.

As in any city I'm sure the traffic is the one thing that gives way to snarls.
The easiest way to get around any time is the quaint street cars.

All the action will take place here. 
The Super Dome will be the host to 
The Baltimore Ravens and The San Francisco 49ers.
May the best brother coach or rather team win!

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  1. They are very cool photos. I especially love the Cathedral. That is a beautiful building.

    I also love the red of the street car. You did a wonderful job relaying the feel of the city!

  2. I am sure the city was throbbing with excitement over the weekend. Seemed a great game despite the lights going out.

  3. I love the street cars. They look like a great form of transport


  4. Gorgeous photos of New Orleans, and I hope you had fun!


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