February 6, 2013

Daisy - one year later...

It's been a year now of new collars, new toys, cozy dog beds, puppy kisses, 
and puppy greetings.  Daisy came as a surprise (to me).  After two plus years
of being pet-less (after a 22 year pet friendly home prior to that), I was comfortable
to not have the mess, the cleaning, the worry of a pet.  
I turn 50 and to save the confrontation of acquiring a new dog
on that day my wonderful husband and daughter plan on 
selecting our new dog the day after my birthday so I can't remind
them of this for the next 10 or so years.
Do I occasionally remind them of this crazy event?

As always time moved on and guess who now loves this little creature?
It's been lots of fun and quite entertaining.
She rarely leaves my side and is always ready for a walk
 and even a run. (I question why I do this)  
She gets away with numerous things that our other two dogs
were never allowed to do.  Is this old age?  
Yes my husband and daughter have been forgiven (because I was set on the no more
pets policy in my mind).  They better not have any other plans........

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